A colorful manuscript illumination


The original image.

I found this in a manuscript book (info to follow soon). It’s vibrant, and is attached to panels of imagery with multiple themes (acanthus to the left, miniature above), allowing for versatility. A new scribe (or a combat scribe) can place one of these large and simple on the paper, add one or all of the other panels, or add components from other works (creative anachronism). I love the colors. 


My version.

1. Light pencil sketch. Know that heavier pencil lines will show through yellow and red, so use care.
2. Add yellow, then red, blue.3. Outline and shade foliage with red.
4. Highlight foliage with white, then swirls. You may want to experiment with brushes/materials first.
5. Black border.
6. Illuminate.

Here’s another variation on the theme-



Same style, different letter.



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