The Honorable Lady Heather Hall
Middle Kingdom, Barony of Ayreton, Canton of Foxvale
Blazon: Azure, a sinister glove argent between in fess two bezants* and on a chief argent a catamount passant sable. (registered March 2010)

Bio: This is intended to reflect my SCA persona, but much is a reflection of my mundane life.

I am an Elizabethan Perfumer, card maker and supplier of fine leisure items; a mercer in the old sense.

Before selling my own wares, I was trained in perfumery, and spent many a year selling the scents and tonics of other apothecaries and herbalists. I prided myself in my ability to find something complementary to the client’s skin. Combined with enjoying the study of perfumery,  I set out on my own.  Hoping to find a competitive edge, I booked voyage to what I was promised to be the Spice Islands. I must have gotten distracted by their rather dashing captain, as I had no idea they were pirates!

They were not very savvy pirates either, as they lost their course and ended up in the most distant of seas. As tempers grew thin and storms grew stronger, I wound up in a boat with my belongings and some rum, and drifting towards unfamiliar nearby lands. I found myself on a strange shore indeed, as the first person I encountered was wearing a robe of chessboard-like fabric and a little black hat on his forehead. He took me in and helped me recover.

This was Kuji Kaoni Musashi, a Yamabushi monk, and I was on his far off island of Japan. The Portuguese have been trading with them, but methinks no Englishman has been. As my stay seemed an extended one, I did my best to adapt to the customs. I admit it’s hard to go back to my old garments after discovering the comfort and elegance of Japanese attire.

The Portuguese have certainly left a mark on Japan with playing cards, as they have stylized the cards that the sailors use. Cards are popular with pirates and in perfume parlours as well, and just about everywhere in between except church. Unlike perfume, my materials are easy to procure at home. Perhaps I did find what I needed.

Getting in and out of  Japan isn’t easy, but it helps to have friends on the inside. After returning to England, I had surgery on my leg and needed many weeks to recover, so I began to pursue card manufacturing.

To date (Pennsic 46) I have completed twenty four games, and have several more in queue.

My “Shoppe” is being updated to website. www.heatherhallcardgallery.com

My service to the society includes:
-Frequent Foxvale server
-Frequent Feast theme production (banners, shields, etc.)
-Frequent scroll production, including Kingdom awards, Baronial awards, Scroll blanks for The Middle Kingdom, as well as gifts for other kingdoms
-Kitchen support
-Performances with Kuji Kaoni Musashi
-Annual art rendering in the Herald’s tent at Pennsic
-Ayreton Baronial Signet, ASL to current
-“Unwreathed champion” for A&S war point, Pennsic, ASLI
-HRM Vukasin’s A&S “Scout” for calligraphy and illumination ASLII

I have Taught these classes:
-Perfume in History
-Ancient Perfume
-Tudor Perfume
-Parfumo Italiano
-Period Perfume in the Middle East
-Origins of Playing Cards and Tarot
-Seals and Sealings (3/18/ ASLI, Pennsic ASLII)
-Calligraphy Cadel Construction

The Middle Kingdom has acknowledged me with these awards:
-AoA, May 30 a.s. 44
-Order of the Willow,  Jan 15 a.s. 45
-Purple Fret, (Nov. 2012)
-Order of the Evergreen, Jan 17 AS 49
-Order of the Silver Oak, Pennsic 45, ASLI
-Augmentation of Arms, (gold quill) ASLII
-On vigil for The Order of The Laurel, Dec 2, ASLII, Cellach & Vukasin
-Order of the Laurel, Better War, Mar 31, ASLII, Cellach & Vukasin
-Augmentation of Arms (gold Moravian double Griffin) Cellach & Vukasin, Coronation of Alric and Katherine

The Barony of Ayreton has acknowledged me:
-Order of Leo of Ayreton, Mar 28, AS 49
-Order of the Atlas of Ayreton, Pennsic ASLII

If you want to contact me, or are interested in purchasing my wares, please use the form below.





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