A quick and satisfying scroll blank

Aw, heck, I just liked this manuscript D.  The one on the right is my interpretation, and in the process of making it, I found it finished before I knew it, and it really looked quite smart.

I have been asked in a number of occasions to give instruction. As much as I can prattle on about cards or perfume, I’m rather at a loss when it comes to articulating how I illustrate and illuminate. I’ll try.

1. a relaxed sketch with light lines, just enough to get proportions.
2. fill in rose, then green and blue.
3. fill in black, and outline as necessary. I didn’t need to in this example.
4. add gilding.

Because the black background will negate the need to outline if done carefully, and they seem to construct themselves. They present a lot of pop for the work.

Here’s an attempt to show what I’m doing. As I don’t have the exact same materials at the moment, it may go a little differently…


light pencil sketch, followed with a gentle rub of kneadable tack


Fill in red. I have mixed enough white for more of a rose color.


Fill in blue.


mixing for highlights and rose color.


Fill in green and highlights.


Fill in black. This is when I concentrate on details.


gold detail.


The complete scroll blank, and materials used. Finished within an hour.

Yet another letter.


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