A few historic cosmetics

I Teach Perfume in History every year at Pennsic, and this year I had the opportunity to prepare some samples. please excuse my crude Arabic.
The clear bottle is rose water, developed by Arab physician/alchemist/all around guru Avicenna (Latinized) in about 1000 ce. The distilled water was a huge success, having captured effervescent qualities of a living flower never preserved before. Rosewater ewers for washing at feast became a popular wedding gift for royalty, showing it’s value to Europeans.
The dark bottle is hair oil. I found reference to an ancient recipe, instructing that jasmine blossoms be embedded in sesame seeds until the seeds obtain the scent (masking the Asian kitchen smell). The seeds are then cold pressed. In the process of finding this recipe, I came across argan oil/Moroccan oil, and discovered it’s not only p.c, it’s historic as well, having been traded all over the Mediterranean. I threw some in there as well.
My hair approves, but my hair is pretty compliant.


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