The Thai Jewel and SCA Persona Stories

Jewel and map for SCA storytelling

SCA folks have “personas” which can be as simple as a fan name with a historic time and place, to very meticulously crafted individuals, with years of research, crafting, and collecting to create. In some kingdoms and communities, there are awards for persona research.
Amongst the many paths to pursue persona play, storytelling is often encouraged. Even though the Society is just over half a century old, there are stories that are considered lore, and can often be heard in bardic circles or fireside.  
My own persona play is rather casual, but I wanted to participate in these aspects of “the game.”
There is a bit of a background story on my about page, but I wanted to have something ready should I find myself in a social situation that merits a story. An adventure down a search rabbit hole brought me to the Thai Jewel story.   
Because my style of storytelling involves visuals, I created a map to help show the source of the jewel. Research is light.
The jewel is typically with me, so ask me anytime about my Thai jewel and its curious name.


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