Arts and Sciences War Point


Triptych exterior explaining relations between German and French suit systems

By nature, I am not a competitive spirit. Grandfather left a bad taste for it in mother’s mouth, and dad left these things to mom, so I didn’t get good home support in this area. This, combined with the trials and trespasses of life means a competition is an anxious endeavor.

The Arts & Sciences War Point is different.
Mistress Gianetta contacted me, as well as informing me about the event itself. A group of seven artists had been selected for the Middle Kingdom to compete against the decided opposition for a Pennsic “war point.” No need to create anything impromptu, just display a body of my work. War Point artisans totaled forty.
I am incredibly honored to have been selected to represent our kingdom.

The event…
– was incredibly hot, and I had a hard time thinking. I feel like I didn’t make all the commitments I had hoped. As far as the display went, however, weather didn’t really interfere.
– Not nearly as intimidating as thought. The pre-selection and team structure takes much of my anxiety out. With forty artists, I was able to get a feel for how folks like to display their work. Some of the displays were amazing!
– Cards were left in trays made from printer’s transport boxes.  This allows for examination of objects while protecting them from the elements. Master Phillipe had mentioned them, and they worked very well.
– Delight to see people look at the triptych and “get it.” The first of these was Queen Serena at her “heart” a&s competition, and Pennsic volume of bodies affirmed the medium is successful.
– Acknowledged by King Thomas Byron of Aethelmearc, who gave out only three of his medallions.I am very honored.

for the future…
– Triptych 2.0 is progressing, will still concentrate on following suit signs rather than court patterns. More info on Asia. Contemplate construction,  larger, as it allows for more info, but more vulnerable to damage.
– Prepare for unexpected elements, weather, etc. Chaos still happens, and that’s okay.
-K.I.S.S.  Sticking with one theme works well, especially since I have enough material.
– Tokens are in order, since they meant a lot to me.
While thinking of it, I have observed both a&s display artists and merchants tend to keep a dish of sweets. I’m cautious about handing out food, so I found an affordable alternative in traditional Chinese dice, thought to inspire dominoes and subsequently domino cards.



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