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I sell my wares!
As a small-batch crafter, some of my products are made to order, although I always try to keep enough inventory for a wholesale order.  Please feel free to contact me if there’s something you think I’m qualified to help with.

Printed Packs (descriptions below)
52 card packs are $20 each, 3 packs for $50
These cards are produced in batches by my local printer.  Cut by machine on 100 lb. stock, they are consistent with my hand made packs in size, colors, etc. Shuffles like a modern pack.
-Suffolk Tudor
-Maitre Jacques
-Lila Fribourg

-VADUZ bridge size ($25)
-TaRocchi 1500 Italian tarot/latin suited playing cards  ($30 each)
-TaRocchi Minchiate ($40) (TaRocchi with a supplemental pack)
-1/23 Mongol As Nas ($10)

Hand Cut Packs
NOTICE 5/16 I am unsatisfied with the quality that the printer available to me is producing, so quantities are limited at this time. Please contact me with any questions.

start at $30
Printed on smooth bristol and cut with consistent techniques to historic ones, these cards are presented in a hand made (and recycled) box appropriate for personas. These cards shuffle and slide along each other nicely.
Contact me for tarot or minchiate.
-Dauphine (out of stock)
-Suffolk Tudor
-Lila Fribourg
-Fougere Royale
-Maitre Jacques
-Olde English ($35)
-Morisca ($35)
-VADUZ ($45)

These are made to order and will vary on design and how much I am expected to produce. For example, The Astronomical Tables boards have been produced without the need to supply counters (or the rather pricey dice) keeping the price under $50. I am happy to supply these components, but the price will reflect this. I also take special requests.

-Hoo Hey How
Chinese variant of Crown & Anchor. Comes with cards (in lieu of betting mat) and three dice. $10.

Sometimes I have these available.

These are brief descriptions; for more detail, each has a page
When producing playing cards and tarot, it is my intention to deliver a functional and otherwise historically ordinary pack of cards. I take into primary consideration the smoothness of authentic historic gaming.
Since many of the historic card patterns need a lot of restoration to be functional, I have been approaching this project in persona. It is my intention to consider the originals produced by a competitor, rather than as just an observer from distant centuries.
All dates are estimates.

*TaRocchi 1500
Oldest/most complete printed tarot, probably produced in Florence at the turn of the sixteenth century. This pattern allowed the maker several packs, including Spanish/Italian (48), tarot (78) and Minchiate (97). Originals are housed at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. Italian suits. Special orders available. Italian suited.

*Morisca 1390
Fournier dates the originals to the late xiv century. They were found in Seville, but could have been made as far afield as Ulm. Latin suited and finger-painted design, about poker size.

*VADUZ 1450
Purchased in Lichtenstein but of unknown origin, this large pack is a curious hybrid of German and Italian styles. A suit of schilten (escucheons) was found with this pack, giving it a fifth suit. It may have catered to a variety of European cultures. Latin suits with German courts.

*Draco 1550
Also known as the Portuguese pattern, These Iberian origin cards were favorites of sailors, who carried them to Japan and further in the mid xvi century. Ornate cards feature dragons on the aces as well as two “maids” that combat them. Latin suited.

*Olde English 1650
Xylographed early Anglo-American standard (English pattern) playing cards. Also suitable for Civil War personas. About poker size and French suited.

*Dauphine 1590
A rare Lyons export pack for Switzerland. No complete pack survives older than 1800. Bold styling and colors with mysterious valets. French suits.

*Suffolk Tudor 1575
Produced by referencing several Rouen-style fragments, and designed with Elizabethan personas in mind. Petite early English pattern with French suits. Best seller.

*Lila Fribourg 1550
Elegant Lyons cards made for export to Fribourg. This pack has a striking palette, featuring what historian Sylvia Mann calls “vivid purple.” Some specimens of this pattern survive due to re-use as miniature painting canvases. French suits.

*Eulenkoenig 1500
Based on fragments by Andre Perrocet, a card maker from Lyons. Courts wear elegant robes, and an owl can be found perched on a king. French suits.

*Fougere Royale 1480
A chest made of old card blocks was found in Lyons, revealing several long lost patterns, all from before 1500. Along with the Maitre Jacques, these courts are richly robed, and their construction raises questions about manufacture and play. Hand painted French suits.

*Maitre Jacques 1465
Lyons was the birthplace of the French suit system, and this pattern is believed to be the oldest known. Courts feature enormous crowns and fairy-tale like attire. French Suits.

late xvi century Burgundy xylograph with palette and back design from an early xvii century florentine pack using the same pattern. French suits.

*Firenze 1500
Based on Rosenwald fragments, but a 52 card northern Italian pack suitable for poker rather than a 78 card tarot. Italian suited.


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