Calligraphy Cadel in Step-by-Step Photos







Articulating this sort of thing is difficult for me to do, and yet I have had a number of folks ask me how I go about making these. Since wording feels awkward, I shall do my best with the images.




1. I select an image (I Googled calligraphy cadel images). make a light pencil sketch, starting with what feels like the framework of the letter.
20140717_112349[1] 2. Line with a fine pen. As the example is in red, I use kneadable tack to lighten the pencil lines as much as possible.

20140717_114859[1] 3. Use calligraphy pen to fill heavy lines where they will naturally fall. I use a brush to smooth out long lines.

20140717_130519-1[1] 4. fill in detail work. I do what feels comfortable, and I try to remember that it’s hard to over-embellish.


Calligraphy cadel P and the materials used to make it

There’s not a lot of equipment, and I use what I’ve gotten comfortable with, so I’m not advocating any brands, or modern versus historic materials.

20140717_142030[1] Letters like P can sometimes be easily modified. This is the same frame, with a little anachronism…


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