Award of the Sapphire scroll


Award of the Sapphire for Sir Ixtlilxochitl de los Indios

“Proclaim throughout the Realm that we Cameron, King by right of arms of the Middle Kingdom, and Amelie, our Queen, send heartfelt greetings. Let it be known that this knight constantly displays the true meaning of courtesy at all times, grace and chivalry wherever he goes. His qualities are known before him and his service, conduct and comportment are the perfect exemplars of the concepts upon which Our Great Society was founded. With all of the love that we possess, mindful of those worthies that have come before and the high standards that have been set in place, we are minded to make unto Sir Ixtlilxochitl de los Indios an Award of the Sapphire, With all rights and responsibilities, and the right to bear the badge: Fieldless a step-cut gemstone azure. Done by our hands this 23rd day of August, A.S. 49, in our Shire of Swordcliff.”

I had a brief window to work on this scroll, and a lot of other things on my plate….but it’s a Sapphire. I haven’t gotten a chance to know Sir Ixtlilxochitl very well, But I do know every word that I have heard spoken of him is of the highest acclaim, not to mention the moving words written by (as I understand it) King Cameron himself. I hope I didn’t flub them up too much.
Because I didn’t feel I had time for researching that I would be satisfied with, I decided to take the project from my persona perspective; a late period English woman who has had but a peek at the New World, and attempting to describe it.




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